About Us

Isolde Lavender is produced in southwest Romania, close to the banks of the Danube. It is part of Isolde Farms, founded in Romania in 2007. 

Our main focus is agriculture – farming is our way of life, inherited from previous generations in rural Northamptonshire in England. After much hard work and determination, we branched out into organic farming, producing lavender and natural wine. 

Isolde Lavender is about sharing our fondness for the Romanian countryside. Lavender loves sunshine, and Romania’s wonderfully long summer days and free-draining soils give it a unique and delicate scent. We want to share the experience of walking through our lavender fields in a gentle breeze, surrounded by a purple haze.

Why Isolde? The first two companies we founded in Romania are called Tristan Farms and Isolde Farms. The names spring from Gottfried von Strassburg’s 12th-century tragic romance, translated to the stage by Richard Wagner.

We hope you enjoy Isolde Lavender, either through visiting our farm or through using our products, which instantly transport you here.