About Us

Lavender has a unique ability to help you relax, feel pampered, beautify gardens, provide culinary creations, fill your senses and home with decor fashion, help in wellness routines, add to wedding decorations, bridal bouquets, and most of all add scent, beauty and usability to add… ahhhh…in your everyday life!
We look for ways to inspire the use of lavender everyday, and pass that on to you!

We want to connect with you, as one of our friends and provide lavender bouquets for your wedding, parties, home decor or crafting needs.
Encourage you to get creative and inspired, to make a meal or cocktail with culinary lavender. To add a little pampering so you can feel more relaxed and revitalized.
Bring a little uniqueness and quality with our unique lavender products.
Dreams do come true!…with a thoughtful plan and much dedication.

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