Wedding Ideas

Your wedding or party is a memorable occasion and we’re to help you make it special with beautiful, fragrant, lavender bouquets. To help teach and inspire you on how to add culinary lavender to your wedding cake, cocktails and more. Provide fragrant dried lavender for your wedding toss to add the special touches to make your dreamy wedding a reality! We’ve gathered many inspirational ideas on incorporating Lavender flowers, Lavender Wedding Cake and Lavender Cocktails all together without breaking your wedding budget! Take a look…

Dried Lavender Bud - Great for wedding toss and flower girls

(allow 1/3- 1/4 lavender bud for each guest)
We recommend if you use lavender for wedding toss you put a cute measuring scoop in the bowl to help your guests determine the appropriate amount.
For Sachet and Wedding Toss purchase online here.

Lavender Wedding Toss Wands

Make a statement during your wedding send off! Lavender wedding toss wands will not only give you a burst of beautiful fragrance but add color and a feeling of celebration in the air. Easy to open tops and are sized so that each guest can have their own. You can purchase them here.

Lavender Bouquets, Boutonniere, Corsages & Centerpieces

Dried Lavender Bunches/Bouquets
Our Grosso lavender is grown organically without any pesticides, hand gathered and allowed to air dry at peak season to preserve the fragrance and beauty of lavender. It is hand bundled and packaged for you to enjoy for your wedding or special event.

Each bundle/bunch is is approximately 100-125 stems of lavender. If you put your thumb and forefinger together in a a-ok sign your bundle fits within that circle. Each delicately wrapped bunch is place in a floral sleeve. The flower stems size is from 14-19 inches in length making it well rounded and balanced bouquet. Purchase here.
*Note this variety is not an edible variety it is meant for quality of fragrance.

Bouquets, boutonniere, Corsages, Centerpieces
There are many uses for lavender to make your wedding special and unique! Use it in your wedding bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, or table centerpieces.

How many lavender bundles/bunches do I need for a Bridal Bouquet?

If using lavender bundles for bridal bouquets you will want about 4-5 bundles of lavender. For a bridesmaids bouquet you will want between 2-3 and a maid of honor bouquet 3-4 bundles of lavender.

Spirited Lavender Cocktails/Mocktails

Spirited Sips For Any Event
Gin is all the rage with no slowdown in sight—it’s perfect for mixing simply or for creating an elaborate, multi-ingredient cocktail. The addition of fizz  continues to delight partygoers for its celebratory nature”, states Lauren Kay or The Knot. We’ve included some of our inspirational recipes using our Lavender Lemonade and Lavender Simple Syrup for your special cocktails/mocktails.

Lavender Margarita Cocktails
1-1/2 cups tequila
1/2 cup triple sec.
1/2 cup Lavender Simple Syrup
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
Kosher salt (rim)
Lime wheel and Lavender Cocktail Pick for garnish

Lavender Collins
1 1/2 oz. (50ml) Gin
1 oz. (30ml) lemon juice
1/2 oz. (15ml) Lavender Simple Syrup
Sparkling Water
Lemon wheel and Lavender Cocktail Pick for garnish

Lavender Champagne
6 oz (170ml) Champagne or Prosecco
2 tsp Lavender Simple Syrup
Garnish with Lavender Cocktail Picks!

Spirited Lavender Lemonade Mocktails & Cocktails
Our party Lavender Lemonade serves about 100 (4 oz) glasses. Perfect for any special event. It can easily be made into a punch, or a cocktail! But don’t forget to garnish them with our adorable Lavender Cocktail Picks! You can purchase both the Bulk Lavender Lemonade and the Lavender Cocktail Picks here.

Here are some simple cocktail recipes that make your event extra special.
Mock Soda Lavender Lemonade
Lavender Lemonade Mix
1 cup seltzer water

Champagne punch
8 cups Lavender Lemonade prepared
1 bottle champagne

Dirty Lemonade
4oz (110ml) vodka or Gin
8oz (230ml) prepared Lavender Lemonade
2oz club soda

How much Lavender Lemonade will I need?
When planning a party for 100 guests it is estimated you will serve one to two 4 oz servings per guest for each hour of the party.

Edible Lavender Wedding Trends

Edible Lavender is the Trend!
According to The Knot, wedding planning includes Edible Florals such as lavender in their receptions. Think about including in items such as, „Frozen in ice-cubes, tossed in salads (or dressings), sprinkled on tops of dessert, it is an easy way to elevate virtually anything from infused water to classic vanilla cake.”

Culinary Lavender
Simple to add to your reception food. For your wedding cake we suggest your baker use 1 tsp. of Culinary Lavender (ground) per cup of cake mix. For a lavender frosting we suggest using our Lavender Extract to get the desired flavor you are looking for.

Your wedding is important to us too we are more than willing to share our expertise in adding culinary to other foods you may have for your special event. Send us a email if you need help figuring out just how much culinary lavender to add and how.