Cuticle Oil

  • Cuticle oil is a care product for the nails and the skin around them, which moisturizes, nourishes and protects against infection and dryness.

15,00 lei

ingredients: Castor oil, lavender oil and vitamin E

Castor oil helps heal wounds, prevent brittle nails and stimulate nail growth.

Lavender oil reduces stress, improves blood circulation and prevents fungal infections on the nails.

Vitamin E improves the appearance and texture of the nails, makes them more resistant and shiny.

Cuticle oil with castor oil, lavender oil and vitamin E is applied daily on the nail contour, massaging gently until absorbed into the skin and nails. This cuticle oil has a pleasant smell and a light texture, which does not leave a greasy feeling. It is a natural, safe and effective product for nail and cuticle care.