Gift Package

  • Dry lavender flower bag
  • Natural soy wax candle with lavender oil
  • Packaged book, of your choice: „The Art of Simplicity” or „Happiness Lives in Small Spaces” or „The Time of Simplicity” by Dominique Loreau

55,00 lei

Lavender Scented Soy Wax Candles

Scented candle with lavender essential oil, patchouli essential oil and natural dried flowers that help you remove fatigue and stress, offering a calming and relaxing effect.

Once lit, this aromatherapy candle releases a faint but lingering aroma in the air. The perfume from lavender essential oil contributes to inducing a feeling of well-being, comforting, which helps to reduce the level of stress hormones.



Lavender bag

Blue-grey lavender flowers, with a strong and stimulating smell, carefully placed in the jute cloth.



Happiness lives in small spaces by Dominique Loreau


Did you answer „In a big house”? Please, can you also tell me on which floor?

Fragment from the volume „Happiness lives in small spaces” by Dominique Loreau:

It is known, worries are the ones that make us unhappy and gloomy and that prevent us from being full of life and joy. Thought is a form of energy, just like electricity or gravity. To always have something to think about, a problem to solve… this tires the nervous system, and in the long run it makes you sick. Choosing to live in a small home means not only saving money, but also returning to a kind of „discreet” attitude, to moderation in all domains. It means making more time for reflection, to find a balanced and frugal lifestyle, that helps you feel more in harmony with yourself. It means making a greater economy of energy; an energy in the service of which we live our whole life, either to gather as much as possible, or to spend, or to… waste. When we don’t have to worry about material goods, we have the possibility to accumulate this energy, which leads to inner peace.

Far from throwing us into laziness, our home should free us from all blockages and help us regain our dynamism, hard tried by the outside world. We forget too often that illness is a decrease of energy. The role of an interior should therefore be to nourish this energy, to bring us calm and balance in thoughts, actions and behaviors. Therefore, it is not important to live in a large space, but in a comfortable one. The size of an interior does not ensure rest. On the contrary: the smaller the space, the more it invites to tranquility, serenity, cleanliness and order. An hour or two of cleaning per week are enough. A few green plants, a bouquet of flowers, diffuse lights, music in the background… we only have to close our phone, nestle in a comfortable armchair and escape in reading, music, a good movie or dreaming. These are the activities that really bring energy and space. Interior space, of course.”


The Art of Simplicity by Dominique Loreau

„When a woman feels perfectly dressed, she can forget about herself. This is what is called charm. The more you forget about yourself, the more charm you will have.” – Scott Fitzgerald

The Art of Simplicity is a book that proposes a subtle alliance of ethics and aesthetics, an apology of simplicity, which does not mean, by any means, simplification. The book invites you to free your space, time and mind from the useless things that burden your life and destroy your harmony. The book teaches you how to carefully choose the objects, clothes, food and activities that bring you joy and benefits. The book guides you to cultivate your taste for beauty, nature and spirituality. The book helps you find your balance, express your personality and fulfill your potential.

The Art of Simplicity is a book that inspires you to live better with less, to enjoy the moments of the present and to create your own art of being. The book is written by Dominique Loreau, a French essayist, who has been living in Japan for over thirty years. The book has become an international bestseller, sold in millions of copies.




The Time of Simplicity by Dominique Loreau

A book about grace, delicacy, nobility and modesty, about love and discretion, loyalty and many other simple things from the past that give life a flavor that we are looking for today. and sometimes we like to believe that we have found it.

What if we stopped trying to shine or win at any cost in a society where greed and competition have become the norm and contemporary individualism is reduced to a sad narcissism?

The happiness that consumer society sells us under the appearance of pleasures and freedom is nothing but a terrible trap that, at an increasingly accelerated pace, transforms us into a species of robots, a kind of monsters not with two heads, but with two brains: one human and the other „with artificial intelligence”. It is not too late to reverse, but we have to hurry, lest we reach the point where we can no longer even hope for this return. A return to an era when life was not so greedy and rushed after vanity.

Discretion, delicacy, care not to disturb others, never to remain indebted, these are the qualities that we should strive to transmit to the current generations!

„It is said that time changes things but, in fact, you have to change them”. – Andy Warhol

„Time does not pass faster than before, we just pass by it faster”. – George Orwell