Epsom Bath Salt with Lavender

  • Bitter bath salt (Epsom salt) with lavender, infused with Isolde lavender essential oil
  • Hydrates and softens the skin
  • Suitable for any type of skin, with an immediate emollient effect
  • It stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles
  • Improves the appearance of the heels, by reducing the intensity of cracks and thickened skin
  • Beneficial effect on nails
  • It induces a state of relaxation and improves the quality of sleep
  • Quantity: 300g

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Lavender is a plant that soothes the sulphuret, prevents and alleviates the occurrence of migraine attacks. It helps a more restful sleep.
Through its antiseptic and expectorant effects, it dissolves the secretions accumulated in the inflamed sinuses. It calms the symptoms of pharyngitis. This relieves muscle spasms and muscle pain. It can be used perfectly to relieve migraines and against nervous headaches. It reduces the feeling of fatigue, and stimulates the immune system. Calms and regenerates the skin. It improves inflammation. The scent of lavender oil soothes the soul. It helps combat depressive states, states of fear, insomnia, hypersensitivity, melancholy, and anxiety. It strengthens the nervous system. It calms the mind, relaxes, and maintains the condition of the body and soul. (100% pure).

Ingredients: 99% Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate MgSO4•7H2O (EPSOM salt, bitter salt) and 1% LAVENDER essential oil and natural Isolde lavender flower
LAVENDER essential oil – Lavandula angustifolia (pure, undiluted) of a pharmaceutical purity, ISOLDE undiluted essential oil, produced in Romania.

BITTER SALT – EPSOM SALT is a magnesium salt that can be used on a wide scale. Magnesium is an important component of the environment. It dissolves well in water.
What do we use bitter Epsom salt for:
Bitter salt can be used as bath salt (add 2 cups of bitter salt in a normal-sized bathtub) having a relaxing and muscle-relaxing effect. Dissolved in water in a larger quantity, it increases the buoyancy effect, giving the body a floating effect.
You can prepare a paste with bitter salt and hot water, which can be applied to the skin only after it has cooled. It is recommended to clean the skin and dry it before applying the paste. Because it removes fluids from the body, it also helps to eliminate lactic acid, a substance that contributes to muscle pain.
A warm bath with Epsom salt improves the appearance of contusions and reduces inflammation caused by sprains. At the same time, the skin receives a fresh and velvety appearance, softens the dry skin of the feet and eliminates the appearance of cracked heels.
In a foot bath, you can add, in addition to bitter salt (approx. 2 cups), a tablespoon of olive or almond oil, some Praid salt, 2 teaspoons of oatmeal, a few drops of essential tea oil Tree (tea tree). Soak and keep your feet in this solution for 20 minutes.
A sitz bath with water mixed with a little bitter Epsom salt will help reduce inflamed tissues, relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.
For a detox bath, you need bitter salt (2 cups), sodium bicarbonate (1 cup), ginger powder or tea, optional lavender essential oil, rosinita, sweet orange… for relaxation.