Isolde Gift Package 9


  • Lavender essential oil – 10 ml
  • Scrub soap with oats, honey and lavender
  • Lavender lip balm
  • Car air freshener with lavender essential oil – 5 ml
  • Scented wax tablet with different flavors

65,00 lei

Lavender essential oil

Lavender comes from our own cultivation in the south-west part of Romania, organic, handmade. The essential oil has laboratory analysis that certifies that it is organic, 100% pure, natural.

It is regenerating for the skin, soothing and relaxing, ensures a light sleep, is a natural fragrance widely used and loved by people who prefer a healthy lifestyle without chemicals.


Natural scrub soap with oats, honey and lavender

It exfoliates and nourishes the skin thanks to the main ingredients, oats and honey
Reduces the sensation of „tight skin”
The vegetable butters in the composition hydrate and soften the skin
It is enriched with lavender and patchouli essential oil, which gives the soap its specific properties
Handmade, only from natural ingredients, without dyes and preservatives
Sublime smell, specific to the ingredients, without artificial fragrances

Lip balm

extremely moisturizing lip balm, made only from natural ingredients

repairs cracked and fissured skin

protects lips from high/low temperatures

gives a natural shine

specific aroma and smell of lavender flowers


Lavender car air freshener is a 100% natural product that contains pure lavender essential oil, resulting from the distillation of lavender flowers.


Scented wax tablet with different flavors