Lavender Scented Beeswax Candles – bee’s nest shape

  • Natural beeswax candle with 100% cotton wick and Isolde lavender essential oil. The wax used is produced in Romania.
  • These candles are beautiful because they are simple, they smell of honey and they spread a warm, cleanly scented light.

20,00 lei

Natural beeswax candle with a lavender scent – it contains Isolde lavender essential oil. With its discreet footprint, the beeswax candle succeeds in relaxing the nervous system, relieves headaches caused by stress, orders thoughts and calms the inner being, removes anxiety.
During burning, the smell is discreet and specific, it does not flood the room, which is why they are very suitable for people with respiratory problems. The candle is consumed in a rather large percentage, releasing the volatile oils with a therapeutic effect into the air, in the form of aerosols. Do not consume quickly during burning!

All natural Isolde Lavender Candles, which are handmade on our farm.
These vegan-friendly, clean-burning candles are made from a high-quality soy or beeswax, based on natural plants, scented with 100% pure Isolde lavender essential oil.
Light this candle for a good night’s sleep or for a relaxing bath.