Calm & Relax Gift Package

  • Calm and Relax bath salt – 200 gr
  • Lavender essential oil 10 ml
  • Lavender water 150 ml
  • Natural lip balm pastilla
  • Scented wax tablet with different flavors

90,00 lei

Bath salt enriched with lavender is suitable for any skin type, with visible beneficial effects after the first use. Used frequently, it irreversibly improves the appearance of the skin. Thanks to the unique composition of mineral-rich salts and lavender essential oil, you will enjoy a relaxing bath, while the whole body will benefit from rich nourishment for the skin, with an emollient and beautifying effect.


Lavender essential oil is regenerating for the skin, calming and relaxing, ensures a light sleep, it is a natural perfume widely used and loved by people who prefer a healthy lifestyle, without chemi

cals. The lavender comes from its own culture located in the southwest area of ​​Romania, ecological, handmade. The essential oil has laboratory analyzes that attest to the fact that it is BIO, 100% pure, natural.


Isolde lavender water is a secondary product obtained by distilling lavender flowers with the help of steam, a well-controlled technological process, efficient and friendly to the environment. Isolde Lavender Water comes from its own culture located in the southwest of Romania, ecological, handmade, 100% pure, natural. It is a product that can be used as such, applied directly or sprayed with a disk on the body, after cleaning the skin.



Extremely moisturizing lip balm that protects and repairs chapped or cracked skin. Product made only from natural ingredients, without preservatives, fragrances.


Scented wax tablet with different flavors