Lavender Essential Oil

  • Essential oil extracted by distilling the inflorescences of the Lavandula Augustifolia plant
  • Obtained from own cultures by distillation
  • Specific smell of lavender, floral, aromatic, herbaceous, fresh
  • Certified purity
  • Widely used due to its exceptional therapeutic effects
  • Healing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal
  • Anxiolytic, combats stress, induces a state of calm and relaxation

20,00 lei50,00 lei

Isolde pure and natural lavender essential oil, obtained by steam distillation of lavender flowers, a well-controlled, efficient and environmentally friendly technological process.

Lavender comes from our own cultivation in the south-west part of Romania, organic, handmade. The essential oil has laboratory analysis that certifies that it is organic, 100% pure, natural.

It is regenerating for the skin, soothing and relaxing, ensures a light sleep, is a natural fragrance widely used and loved by people who prefer a healthy lifestyle without chemicals.

Some of the ways to use it:
Aromatherapy – 2-3 drops in diffuser (with the recommendation that this device is ultrasound based). It emits a pleasant, natural fragrance, brings a feeling of well-being, relaxes and combats insomnia.
Massage – sprinkle 2-3 drops in 10-15 ml of massage oil. Relaxes muscles, soothes skin and joint pain.
Against headaches – sprinkle a drop on the temple area or on the wrist and massage gently to penetrate the skin more quickly. This makes it easier to absorb, relaxing blood vessels and regulating blood pressure.
Natural and relaxing fragrance for the bedroom or living room – sprinkle 2-3 drops on sheets. It evaporates over time and leaves no stains.
Bath in the tub – 2-3 drops in 10-20 ml of base oil (olive, almond, etc.) mixed well with bath water. The pores dilate and the oil penetrates more easily into the skin with all the above benefits!
Fabric conditioner – in moderation (5-6 drops) in the conditioner tub of the washing machine. Gives a natural and pleasant fragrance to the laundry. It’s pure, so it doesn’t stain!

Test on a small area of skin, and if irritation occurs, do not use the oil.
Avoid contact with eyes. Otherwise, rinse with a splash of olive or sunflower oil, not water, as it has no reaction with the oil.
Do not leave the container in the sun or without a lid.

Extra care for pregnant people.
To remember! The most important properties of  lavender oil: Antiseptic; Relaxing, makes sleep easier; Antispasmodic; Tonic, regenerating and skin soothing for skin affected by wounds, burns, insect bites, acne, eczema, hives, psoriasis; Healing, skin regenerating; Purifying; Anti-aging; Natural fragrance; Natural laundry conditioner – 5-6 drops in the conditioner tub of the washing machine. It is pure, so it does not stain; Antidepressant, promotes well-being; Relieves headaches.

Smell: characteristic of lavender, aromatic, floral, slightly sweet, fresh, herbal.

Ingredients: 100% lavandula angustifolia essential oil.