Spa Delight Gift Package


  • Calm and Relax bath salt – 130 gr
  • Lavender water 150 ml
  • Scented wax tablet with different flavors

50,00 lei

Bath salt

Hydrates and softens the skin
Suitable for any type of skin, with an immediate emollient effect
It stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the muscles
Improves the appearance of the heels, by reducing the intensity of cracks and thickened skin
Beneficial effect on nails
It induces a state of relaxation and improves the quality of sleep

Isolde lavender water

Beneficial effects for the skin
Antipruritic in irritations, insect bites, sunburns, childhood diseases
Suitable for sensitive skin, soothing redness and reducing inflammation
An excellent product for a multitude of domestic activities: freshening the air, spraying clothes before ironing, etc


Scented wax tablet with different flavors