Rustic Candle

  • Candle made of natural soy wax, scented with different aromas and natural flowers.
  • Features: purifies the air, prints an intense lavender scent, balanced, and the patchouli relaxes and calms.
  • Quantity: 250 gr

25,00 lei

Patchoulli essential oil is a nerve tonic and stimulant, helps to eliminate accumulated tension, has a slight sedative effect and is a good aphrodisiac. It improves the mood and induces a state of calm. Patchoulli oil is appreciated by the great perfumers, due to its unique aroma and strong effect on the nervous system, by simply inhaling, with such a pleasant fragrance that improves the mood.

In addition to the therapeutic effects, soy wax candles with lavender essential oil also have a repellent effect against flies and mosquitoes.


purifies the air, prints an intense scent of lavender, balanced by that of patchouli, relaxes and calms

burning time: up to 45 hours

quantity: 250 g


natural soy wax, purified beeswax, lavender essential oil, NAH patchoull essential oil, dried natural flowers


For a complete burn of the candle, you must leave the flame burning until the entire surface of the candle is transformed into liquid (approximately 1 hour). Thus, no wax will remain on the walls of the vessel and you will fully enjoy the lavender essential oil released.

Before re-lighting the candle, remove the part of the burnt wick to avoid the release of smoke (from the burnt wick) during burning.

Precautions and warnings:

keep out of reach of children

not to be near animals

not to leave unattended during burning

not to keep it lit for more than 4 hours

not to let it burn to the end

not to let it burn near easily flammable objects

to sit on a heat-resistant surface