Lavender Water

  • Beneficial effects for the skin
  • Antipruritic in irritations, insect bites, sunburns, childhood diseases
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, soothing redness and reducing inflammation
  • An excellent product for a multitude of domestic activities: freshening the air, spraying clothes before ironing, etc
  • Volum: 150 ml

15,00 lei

Isolde lavender water is a by-product of the steam distillation of lavender flowers, a well-controlled, efficient and environmentally friendly technological process.

Isolde Lavender water comes from our own cultivation located in the south-west of Romania, organic, handmade, 100% pure, natural.

It is regenerating for the skin, soothing and relaxing, ensures a light sleep, is a natural fragrance widely used and loved by people who prefer a healthy lifestyle without chemicals.

Benefits of Isolde lavender water:

Among the uses are:
Tonic lotion for hygiene and care of all skin types, beneficial for oily or acneic skin;
hygiene and care of sensitive skin, children’s skin or scalp;
soothing and caring for irritated, insect-bitten or mildly burned skin after the beach;
excellent skin soother after shaving or waxing;
reduces diaper rash, skin-friendly for little ones;
for easy styling and extra shine – floral water is applied to wet hair (in which case the hair does not rinse) or directly to dry hair;
in the iron water, it refreshes clothes.

It is a product that can be used as such, applied directly or sprayed with a disk on the body after cleansing the skin.
For the skin: apply after cleansing the skin. Spray onto skin, allow to absorb and do not remove.
For hair: after shampooing, add lavender floral water to the rinse water.

Test on a small area of skin, and if irritation occurs, do not use.
Do not leave the container in the sun or without a lid.
Smell: characteristic lavender scent, aromatic, floral, slightly sweet, fresh.

Ingredients: 100% lavandula angustifolia floral water.